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WI´s Approach

WI Communication focuses on client oriented solutions and as such the solution is tailored to each client. In a first step we analyse the current project requirements. This analyse will give us infomration such as number of visitors, visitor duration, geographic location and many more metrics. Metrics are measurement tools for us to learn more about site usage, referrers, site content analysis and quality assurance that are all important to reach the goals outlined by our clients.

Such metrics are not a constant variable, but will change and adapt during the process of our project.

WI Invests In Staff


WI Communications Limited staff consists of industry experts who know how to adapt to the fast paced requirements set in our industry. Those experts work with among projects for Google, Microsoft and or have in-depth knowledge on running Facebook pages, Instagram accouns with thousands of followers or a more professional approach on platforms like Linkedin or Viadeo.



There is a steady cycle of issues being fixed or adjusted.

You need WI´s technology to assure business and technical quality in your outcomes.


Applications can be complex.

This complexity means that change can be effectively managed, deadlines are not missed and our clients applications will benefit.


WI Communication´s backbone of service! We provide tailored solutions upon request for any IT, SEO, Media or Marketing related service request, including but not limited to any Communication needs of our clients.

Landing Pages

Landing Pages help you to give a quick overview of new products, special offers or for staff, that needs a special introduction!

Web Hosting

Host your website with us! Web Hosting is included in our package deals!

Online Shop

Get a ready to use Online Shop and have us manage it!


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